7 Ways to Write Better Recipes as a Food Blogger


That being said, I know writing recipes can be difficult. While you can have an amazing idea in your head, it’s tricky to get all those thoughts onto paper and communicate them in an effective way to your readers.

Luckily, there are a few easy ways that you canwrite better recipesas a food blogger. Let’s get into them!

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1. List ingredients in the order that they’re used in the recipe.


Therefore, to avoid confusion, it’s best to always list ingredients in the order that they’re used in the recipe. This helps make sure that those following the recipe don’t accidentally leave out ingredients.

Writing the ingredients in the correct order also helps the recipe flow more effectively. Like a book, you can easily read a recipe from top to bottom and understand what the end result will look like.

2. Write recipes in your own voice.

当你writing your recipes, don’t be afraid to let your voice shine.

你越多写回谱,你就越舒适,你将获得自己的声音和风格。做一些试验,并决定如何让你的食谱 - 他们是信息和教育,还是他们更聪明而幽默?

如果你不确定在哪里开始在找到你的声音时,this article might help you out。在思考你的声音时,考虑一下:你希望读者在阅读内容时经历什么?

所有这些都说,请记住,可能有太多好事。如果你是toowitty, your readers might have trouble following the steps and not completely understand what they need to do. Find your happy medium and stick with that!

Pinch of Yum是一个很棒的例子 - 他们的食谱具有独特的声音,同时仍然是信息性和易于追随的。当你阅读他们的一个食谱时(如Vegan Crunchwrap Supreme配方如下所示),您可以立即告诉它是少许yum食谱。它是诙谐,有吸引力和独特的,所有食谱都有类似的氛围。


3. Use both weight and volume measurements.


But did you know thatmost of the world prefers to write recipes using weight measurements like grams and ounces?

That’s why I recommend writing recipes with both weight and volume measurements! By including两个都, you can make your recipes more accessible to anyone from around the world.


  • 无论其体积或重量测量偏好如何,您都可以创建每个人访问的食谱。
  • Your recipes will be more accurate, which means your readers recreating the recipes will have more success.
  • 您将能够更轻松地扩展食谱。什么更容易:3/4杯或100克?
  • 如果您选择使用重量测量测量,则最终将有更少的菜肴清理。是的,请!

有兴趣学习更多吗?查看this blog postto dive deeper into this topic and learn how to convert volume to weight measurements.

Cup of coffee beans on a digital scale that reads '30g'


If you were making a recipe for roasted potatoes, which instruction would you prefer: ‘Cook until done’ or ‘Cook until browned and a fork can easily be inserted’? I know which one I would choose!



It’s also important to keep in mind that each person is going to have a unique setup in the kitchen. If a recipe needs to be cooked in the oven, a lot of ovens are different — some run hot, some run cooler, and some are fan-assisted. By breaking down exactly what to look for with doneness, you are ensuring that anyone can have success with your recipes, regardless of how high-tech their kitchen appliances are.





  • 如果你的原始食谱包括鸡肉,你可以使用豆腐提供素食替代吗?
  • 虽然您建议使用即时锅烹饪特定食谱,但您可以添加可能为慢炖锅工作的烹饪时间吗?


Here’s an example of how Pinch of Yum handles substitution options on one of their recipes:

y y的泰国切碎的泰国风味鸡肉食谱的注意面积



当你making a recipe, chances are you’re not going to eat every last bite in one sitting — that’s why I get so excited when recipes include storage instructions.


Here are some important questions to answer when providing storage instructions for a recipe:

  • How should the food be stored — in the fridge or at air temperature?
  • How long will the food stay fresh?
  • 食物是否可以存放在冰箱里几个月?
Overhead shot of sesame noodle bowls in storage containers with chopsticks next to them



It’s just always important to give credit where credit’s due and give proper attribution to the original source.

As a general rule of thumb, here’s what you should do when adapting recipes from other sources:

  • 在食谱本身,明确地陈述它的改编或修改。
  • Include a link to the original recipe or cookbook.


就像其他任何东西一样,食谱写作是您在时间和时间变化的技能。我希望你能采取这些提示并继续制作engaging, informative recipes你的读者将重新创建和爱。


现在我们好奇: What are some tips you’ve personally learned over the years to write better recipes? What are some of your struggles when writing recipes? Let us know in the comments!


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