372:埃琳娜·戴维斯(Elena Davis)如何从20k到100k+每月浏览量并被Mediavine接受

Woman using a laptop and the title of Elena Davis' episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'From 20k to 100k+ Monthly Pageviews'

欢迎来到美食博客Pro Podcast的第372集!必威游戏betway必威登录本周,在播客中,比约克(Bjork)采访了埃琳娜(Elena)的库西纳(Cucina)的埃琳娜·戴维斯(Elena Davis),以了解她如何增加交通并被Mediavine接受。


Aside from that, Elena’s also sharing how she found unique ways to earn an income while waiting to get accepted into Mediavine, such as running in-person cooking classes and selling physical products.



362: How to Increase Your Organic Traffic with Keyword Research with Aleka Shunk

手中在笔记本电脑上打字和Aleka Shunk在美食博主播客“关键字研究”上的剧集的标题。必威游戏betway必威登录

Welcome to episode 362 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Aleka Shunk from Cooking With Keywords about how to increase your organic traffic through keyword research.

Today, we’re really excited to be chatting all about keyword research with Aleka Shunk, the creator of Cooking With Keywords!

Since launching her course, Aleka has taught over 900 students about the ins and outs of keyword research, and she’s sharing her best tips to develop a strong keyword research strategy in this episode.



357: How Content Batching Helped Amanda Scarlati Go From 7,500 to 65k Pageviews in One Year

一个使用计算机的人和Amanda Scarlati的剧集在美食博客专业播客“内容批处理”上。必威游戏betway必威登录

欢迎来到美食博客Pro Podcast的第357集!必威游戏betway必威登录本周,在播客中,Bjork采访了Saporito Kitchen的Amanda Scarlati,介绍了内容批处理如何帮助扩大博客的流量。betway必威登录

From testing recipes to shooting photos to writing blog posts, a lot of work goes into running a food blog. So how can we stay on top of everything that needs to get done each week?

Enter: content batching! Instead of jumping from one task to another, try grouping similar tasks in one work period to stay focused and even increase your productivity.



337: Shifting Your Mindset – Leaning into SEO and Learning from Industry Experts with Ali Stafford

An image of smiley faces and the title of Ali Stafford's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Shifting Your Mindset.'

Welcome to episode 337 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, Bjork interviews Ali Stafford from Alexandra’s Kitchen about how she’s grown her traffic by leaning into SEO and learning from industry experts.

We’re really excited to be chatting with Ali from Alexandra’s Kitchen in today’s episode! She’s a seasoned food blogger who has been sharing her recipes online since 2006.


Whether you just launched your blog or you’ve been blogging for years, we know you will have a lot of great takeaways from this episode. Enjoy!


333: Serving Your Audience – How Emma Duckworth Doubled Her Pageviews by Focusing on SEO

An image of a concert audience and the title of Emma Duckworth's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Serving Your Audience.'

欢迎来到美食博客Pro Podcast的第333集!必威游戏betway必威登录本周,在播客中,比约(Bjork)采访了艾玛·达克沃思(Emma Duckworth)的艾玛·达克沃斯(Emma Duckworth),以讨论她如何通过重点关注SEO来种植自己的博客。betway必威登录

SEO: love it or hate it, it’s undoubtedly an important area for food bloggers to focus their time and energy on. And that’s why we’re chatting about it with Emma Duckworth in this episode!

This year, Emma decided to double down on her blog and hired a mentor to help her out with SEO. You’ll hear how she used the avatar exercise to understand her audience, how she optimized her homepage and recipe categories, and what she’s doing to focus on SEO moving forward.

It’s a fantastic interview that will encourage you to reflect on your own SEO strategy. We hope you enjoy it!


327: Understanding the Google Algorithm – Tracking Google Updates and Analyzing Traffic Drops with Casey Markee

An image of a person using Google Search Console on a laptop and the title of Casey Markee's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Understanding the Google Algorithm.'

欢迎来到美食博客Pro Podcast的第327集!必威游戏betway必威登录本周在播客中,比约克(Bjork)采访了我们的FBP SEO专家Casey Markee,涉及了解Google算法。

We’re so excited to welcome Food Blogger Pro expert Casey Markee back to the podcast today!

作为我们的居民SEO巫师,他多年来通过回答他们最棘手的SEO问题来帮助无数FBP成员。凯西(Casey)在他的公司Media Wyse上处理算法和排名问题的现场审核,垃圾邮件结构化的标记操作,食品博客的不自然链接问题等等。betway必威登录

In this episode, he’s chatting with Bjork all about what food bloggers need to know about the Google algorithm. You’ll hear Casey’s insights on how to understand Google updates, how to effectively use Google Search Console, how to get the most out of your ads, and more.

If you’re looking to increase your traffic, or you’re just curious and want to learn more about the Google algorithm, we know you’ll enjoy this interview!


325:双语博客 - 亚历杭德betway必威登录拉·格拉夫(Alejandra Graf)如何在其博客上用英语和西班牙语分享食谱

An image of flags from different countries and the title of Alejandra Graf's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Bilingual Blogging.'

欢迎来到美食博客Pro Podcast的第325集!必威游戏betway必威登录本周,Bjork在播客上采访了来自Brownsugar&Vanilla的Alejandra Graf,以了解她如何在英语和西班牙语上分享自己的博客食谱。betway必威登录

We’re so excited to share this episode with Alejandra with you today! Her story is really fascinating, and the way that she shares content is a bit unique compared to other content creators.

After immigrating to the United States from Mexico, she launched her food blog, BrownSugar&Vanilla, where she shares family-friendly vegan recipes. But she also has another version of her site called Piloncillo&Vainilla where she shares all the same recipes — but in Spanish!

In this episode, you’ll learn how she uses a plugin to share content in both languages, how the traffic compares on the two versions of her blog, and more. It’s a really fascinating, inspiring interview that demonstrates the unique ways you can share content with different audiences.


322:全力以赴 - 莎拉·库克(Sarah Cook)如何从17k到60万个每月浏览量

扑克筹码的图像和莎拉·库克(Sarah Cook)在《美食博客》播客中的剧集“全力以赴”。必威游戏betway必威登录

欢迎来到美食博客Pro Podcast的第322集!必威游戏betway必威登录本周,在播客中,比约克(Bjork)采访了可持续性库克(Cooks)的莎拉·库克(Sarah Cook),以了解她实施了哪些特定策略来增加博客的流量并增加收入。betway必威登录

A few years ago, Sarah Cook was feeling burnt out and ready to call it quits on her blog. But after listening to some food blogging podcasts, she decided to switch up her blogging strategy and see if she could turn it into a thriving business.

And today on the podcast, she’s sharing everything she’s done along the way to go from 17k to 600k monthly pageviews with her blog, Sustainable Cooks! She explains some of the unique ways she has invested in her blog, why she decided to delete hundreds of posts, why she loves having a blogging accountability partner, and more.

It’s a really inspiring interview, and we know it’ll leave you feeling motivated and excited to make progress on your blogging goals.


318:FBP Rewind - 美食博主如何充分利betway必威登录用第四季度

录像带的图像和珍娜·阿伦德(Jenna Arend)在美食博客播客中的剧集《 FBP Rewind》。必威游戏betway必威登录

Welcome to episode 318 of The Food Blogger Pro Podcast! This week on the podcast, we’re rewinding back to a Q&A we held last year where Food Blogger Pro members asked Bjork and Pinch of Yum’s General Manager, Jenna, questions about preparing for Q4.

It’s another FBP Rewind episode today, and we’re so excited to revisit our October 2020 Q&A with Jenna Arend from the Pinch of Yum team!

We hold these live Q&As every single month for our Food Blogger Pro members. Sometimes we focus on a specific topic (like this one), and other times it’s an excuse to pick Bjork’s brain on any blogging topic under the sun. It’s so fun to connect, answer our members’ toughest questions, and have an hour to intentionally work on getting a tiny bit better.

And in this Q&A, we focused on all the ways that food bloggers can make the most out of Q4!

Q4 is made up of the last three months of the year (October, November, and December), and it’s a big deal for food bloggers. Not only are people hungry for recipes, but advertising spending also goes up during these three months, and sponsors are looking for bloggers and content creators who can create seasonal content.

We hope that you enjoy this Q&A and that it leaves you feeling inspired and motivated as we get closer and closer to Q4.


311: Finding Your Why – Creating Intentional Content as a Creative Outlet with Katie Olsen

An image of a compass and the title of Katie Olsen's episode on the Food Blogger Pro Podcast, 'Finding Your Why.'

欢迎来到美食博客Pro Podcast的第311集!必威游戏betway必威登录本周,Bjork在播客上采访了Katiebird Bakes的Katie Olsen,以了解她如何通过专注于创建有意的内容来种植博客。betway必威登录



As her blog Katiebird Bakes has grown over time, Katie has found a sense of purpose and enjoyment in blogging as a creative outlet, and you’ll learn more about her mindset in this episode.